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Help us meet the ongoing needs of the elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and those yet to come!
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Elephants are vulnerable to the toll of a life in captivity.  Elephants need individualized care, the companionship of a herd, and room to roam. We invite elephant owners to see The Sanctuary as a good option when making decisions about retiring their elephants. With your help, we stand ready to support those who want to provide the best lifelong care for elephants, just as we did when

  •  Shirley was retired in 1999 by Louisiana Purchase Zoo after 22 years as the sole elephant on exhibit
  •  Sissy was retired in 2000 after the El Paso community spoke out on her behalf

  • Winkie was retired in 2000 after 30 years as the lone elephant at Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI 

  •  Rosie and Sukari came to The Sanctuary at the request of the Nashville Zoo in 2015

At The Sanctuary, these intelligent and magnificent beings have the opportunity to experience, once again, what it is to be an elephant among other elephants in a natural habitat dedicated to their well-being. This holiday season, we celebrate and honor the 27 elephants who have found refuge at The Sanctuary, and with your support, we pledge to continue the work to make way for those to come. By donating to the Winter Appeal, you are providing better outcomes for aging captive elephants. 

The Elephant Sanctuary has set aside unrestricted financial operational reserves of four times its budgeted expenses to ensure the lifetime care and safe haven for an undetermined number of elephants. Elephants have an expected lifespan of 50-70 years and The Sanctuary is committed to providing food, shelter, veterinary care, medicine, caregivers, property maintenance and security. Along with the public’s continuing support, these funds are needed to provide for the elephants currently in our care and those to come.


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